August 13, 2014

Welcome New Students and Parents!

Welcome New First Graders and Families
to the 2014-15 School year!

I always forget how hard the first days of school are on 
students, parents, and teachers.

I have just finished Day # 2.
I left school at 5:36 pm
sore feet and back,

Many things still to do, 
but it will have to wait until tomorrow.
As I drive home, I reflect upon my school day.

I am enjoying getting to know my 22 first graders.
I have some challenging students
and I feel up to finding a way
to make it all work out!

My goal is to help my students
that they can achieve success
and become 
masters of their own future.
That their teacher loves and believes
in them.

August 13, 2012

Happy Beginnings!

It's that magical  time of the year again!
When I meet and learn all about my new group
of First Graders!  When I reflect and try
and encourage them to spread their
learning wings and soar to new
heights in their education.

I have a wonderful group of students
this year!

I am teaching on a fabulous 
First Grade Team!

I wish all
who are beginning something
new this year
All The Very Best!!!

Mrs. S.